Nursing through Buddhism

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Hohashi-dera, a cyber-temple operated by Priest Takuetsu

1. Sermon therapy (a consultation place for the heart and life)

I prescribe the “sermon therapy” developed by Priest Takuetsu. I listen to and accept the problems of those who constantly feel cranky; who tire easily; who have difficulty falling asleep; or who are struggling against the challenges of life. Everyone has concerns and anxieties, so don’t take them all on yourself alone. Distant consultations can be arranged utilizing social software (such as LINE, etc.) or via video conferencing software (ZOOM, etc.). All matters are treated as strictly confidential. Consultations can be arranged not only for concerned individuals, but also for their families, friends or acquaintances.

2. Meditation therapy

“Ajikan” is a method of meditation propagated by the Shingon Sect. Meditation is performed while looking at the Sanskrit character for “A.” This therapy has a favorable effect on the body, mind and spirit, and can be effective in relieving stress and worldly concerns.

3. Sound therapy

Sound therapy is prescribed, including Shomyo (Buddhist music, with rhythmic intonation), medical sounds developed by Priest Takuetsu, singing bowls, tuning forks, etc.

4. Other methods

Nursing through Buddhism also makes available a variety of other methods of treatment.


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